Find beauty with the in-between.

Art that fills your life with nature.

Horlander’s artwork explores the green areas within urban landscapes to bring awareness to the beauty of these wild spaces in-between our daily routines.

The inspiration behind

the art.

Horlander uses her interest in contours between tree branches, roots, and buildings to capture the contrasting colors within Dawn and Dusk in her sculptures and paintings. Finding connection within moments to showcase the beauty that each in-between space surrounds.

Bring in the beauty of a quiet moment.

Art that connects you to the light and beauty of nature.


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Each moment in between

During the 2020 pandemic a daily morning routine became a ritual. Keeping the habitual routine became a physical way to mark the change of one day into the other.

This work combines the image of a house filled with a broken but growing tree, in changing colors to mimic the many colors of each sunrise, printed on 152 tea bag papers collected from each morning tea, connected together with thread so that the viewer walks this continuous series of days.

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